UX/Design Checklist

Use this as a guide during each phase of the design process, from sketchbook to code. Check every view against the list. The answer to the questions is not always ‘yes’. The intent of the list is to make designers and developers remember to think consciously about every decision in the application.
Please add anything I’m missing in the comments. This is a work in progress and I will continue to update this list as I learn more and develop my own mental model of design and software development.

Overall Application

  • Do you need instructions or FAQs – is there a way to adjust the design so you don’t need verbal help?
  • Inventory – create a list of every view and use it as you go through the checklist (attach)

Navigation Design

  • Can you get to any main section from anywhere in the app?
  • Is it clear what page / section you’re in?

Interaction Design


Every View

  • Is there a title (h1)
  • Is there a subtitle? (h2)
  • Is it clear what the user did to get here?
  • Breadcrumbs?
  • Does the back button work?
  • Is there a Call-to-Action?
    • Is there more than one?
    • Is the priority clear?
    • Are styles for primary, secondary consistent with the style guide?
  • How does the user get ‘home’?
  • Is there more than one concept of ‘home’?
  • Can the user get to anywhere from anywhere?
  • Is the page just informational? There should still be a CTA

Brand check

  • Does it meet brand standards?
  • Does it look professional?
  • Are there weird margins?
  • Does anything look off?


  • Are the margins and padding consistent with the guidelines?
  • Do the containers use a 12 column grid? If not, is there a good reason and is the alternative reasonable?


  • Font size
  • Font choice
  • Font weight
  • Colors
  • Do you use colors as important messaging – instead use icons or text that will be available to those with vision impairment.
    • Example: using a highlighted cell to indicate the state of an item. Use an icon instead.
  • Contrast – for everyone, not just those with vision impairment.

Specific Types of Views

 Confirmation View

  • Does it have the amount, date, user? Any other information that user

 Success View


  • What is the next desired action? Link? Is it clear?
  • Can the user print a confirmation? Do you want them to?
  • Can they save?
  • Did they get an email confirmation? Or a text? Do they know that?
  • Is success (or failure) clear?

Mobile Design

  • Is there a design for tablet and mobile or is the adjustment obvious?
  • Is there data that can/should be left out of the mobile view?




  • Does the flow of the form make sense?
  • Are the required fields marked with a red asterisk?
  • Does the order of inputs make sense to tab through?
  • Is there a submit button?
  • Is there a way to cancel or go back?